We Miss You, NIMH


Gender: female

Description: Black Berkshire Rex (Berkshire is the description of the white underbelly marking)

NIMH died last Wednesday, of what our vet suspected was probably lung or heart cancer.

NIMH and her brother Bagheera were almost identical in colour, but in size NIMH was much smaller.  NIMH would not stay still, which is why most of her photos are blurry.  She loved coming to say hi, and was always curious about her surroundings- if you turned your back on her for even a second when the cage door was open, she had disappeared up onto the top of the cage and was exploring by the time you’d turned back around.  We always made a final ‘escaped Nimhsicle’ check before closing the cage doors!  We named NIMH after the movie “The Secret of NIMH,”  which is about lab rats who are particularly intelligent.


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