January Cure Update: Assignments

Assignment # 5:  Choose a Project  –  I chose to re-organize the furniture in my Solarium, which doubles as my office

Assignment # 6:  Flowers & A Better Kitchen – This one’s been postponed!

Assignment # 7:  Plan to Host a Party – Every month Hans & I host our friends for a weekend of gaming, and this January is no different.  The weekend of January 30th- February 1st we’ll have three of our friends over, invitations have been sent, and the plan is ready.

Assignment # 8: Three Minute Quick Sweep – I actually do a version of this every day already; I collect garbage and do quick clean-ups just before I put the dishwasher on every morning to help keep the mess under control.

Assignment # 9: Project – I re-organized furniture in the Solarium on the day I chose the project, but it’s taken me much longer to tidy up my art supplies and the general clutter.

Assignment # 10: One Drawer at a Time – For me this is actually a continuation of a project I started in December; I have been re-organizing all my clothing drawers using Ikea divider boxes.  I took the opportunity to do the very last clothing drawer.  Having dividers in there makes a huge difference, and I’ve followed the suggestions of a few other people:

Assignment # 11: Flowers & A Super Clean Bedroom – Hans brought me home a single white rose and some baby’s breath on Wednesday as a reward for making a big effort to get out of the house this week.  Unfortunately, the bedroom clean had to wait as there were too many other things going on.  I’m hoping to get it done soon, though.

Assignment # 12: Media Fast: This one hasn’t happened yet, but hopefully in the next few days, we’ll be able to take the time to turn off all our electronics for a few hours.

Assignment # 13: Bathroom Cabinet Cleanout: This one’s still pending

Assignment # 14: Landing Strip / Clutter Filter:  I set this up last year, and we’re still using it.  I just took a few extra minutes to clear things up and do a quick little refreshing of the area.

Assignment # 15: Closet Cleanout: Pending

Assignment # 16: Living Room Deep Clean: Pending



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