RIB: Meet Titan



Birthdate: 02/2015

Gender:  male

Description: Smooth coated agouti berkshire dumbo (see bottom for term definitions)  As expected, Titan’s coat has changed in the last few weeks as he’s starting to get his adult coat in.  Originally we thought he was going to be self, but a little white splotch has developed on his belly, and his white socks and tail tip have become apparent.

Despite his size, Titan has a big personality.  While he and Io are much smaller than the other four boys, I definitely think Titan will be the Big Boss Rat in time.  While we choose Puck and Pan first in the store, Titan was an easy third choice.  He was curious about us and thrilled to come and sniff at us, even when Atlas was trying to keep him in the corner with everyone else.  His personality has only grown with time.  Titan and Io tend to hang out together, being the smallest.

We named Titan first, and all the other names came swiftly afterwards.  We named him after the largest of Saturn’s moons, and after the early Greek deities the Titans, who were exceptionally large.

Agouti: a ticked coat that looks brownish grey, having black guard hairs and a lighter grey belly, the eyes are black.  Fun fact: Agouti is the colour most often seen on wild rats.

Berkshire: a marking description, indicating a solid coloured rat with a white belly, often with white feet and tail tip.

Dumbo: a variety of rat with ears placed lower on the head, named for resemblance to Dumbo the elephant.

Self: a single colour to the coat, with no white markings at all.


Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titan_%28moon%29

Titans, early Greek deities in mythology, on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titan_%28mythology%29



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