BJDs and Storytelling

Hey, you’ve maybe noticed that I recently posted about a new ball-jointed doll.  I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk a bit about BJDs in relation to storytelling.  People get into the BJD hobby for many reasons (try the link below to an article on Addicted to Resin to read a bit about it), but I got into it because I thought they were beautiful and because I wanted to have little avatars for my characters to help me visualize them and motivate me to write more.  This isn’t the only way people use BJDs to tell stories, however.  Photo-stories are pretty popular, dioramas, still photographs, stop-motion photography, poems and even illustrations are all different ways people can be creative with their dolls.  WennieBJD on YouTube (there’s a link below), for example, has a very detailed novel manuscript in the works that has developed over the years which you can catch glimpses of through her videos.  TheCutitz on YouTube makes photo-stories she shares on Flickr, some very detailed dioramas she shares on YouTube, and lately she’s been reading short excerpts from her stories in videos (there’s a link below).  YouTuber Denali Wind is also well known for her storytelling (see link below).  Basically, many of the people in this hobby are amazing, and creative, and inspiring.

It’s recently occurred to me that while I have a pretty detailed story developing for my BJD characters, I have yet to share it with anyone other than my partner.  So while I haven’t written any other posts about it yet, you can expect to see some posts soon on the topic, and if I’m feeling really ambitious, I’ll try and give you some new photographs of them, too.  I want to share this inspiration with you, so come along on this journey with me!


Addicted to Resin:

BJD Photostory on Tumblr:

WennieBJD on YouTube:

The Cutitz on YouTube:

Denali Wind on YouTube:


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