Character Introductions: Meet Toa

Nesting Consciousness

Name: Toa (in Japanese: 冬愛, means ‘winter love’)
Age: unknown (birthday: 05/26)
Sculpt: Peak’s Wood Monthly Fairy ShuShu (with snow head cap part)
Faceup: default Peak’s Woods
Wig: none
Eyes: Peak’s Woods 8mm G8LDS-02
Family: n/a

Biographical Notes:  Toa is an original character created by Claire Mercier. She is an arctic mushroom spirit. Growler is her self-appointed guardian. He is a deep ocean spirit from the Arctic ocean who pulled Toa from the ocean when she fell in one day. “Growler” is the name Toa gave to him, and because he cannot communicate in words, no one knows if he has any other name.

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