Just A Thought Segments

If You Like

If You Like posts on Mondays, and will continue to feature something of interest to share with you.  Typically there will be a link and a photograph and a brief little bit of information and or opinion included. I have a pretty eclectic set of tastes, but I’m collecting things of interest here, in the event that you may share some of my interests.  Also, I would like to point out that I am not being compensated by any of the people, sites, services or otherwise which feature- I just think they’re cool and want to share them with you.  If you want to suggest something for me to feature in one of these posts, please drop me a comment.  : – )

  • Click here to see all the posts to date which fall under this heading: If You Like
  • For a review of all the If You Like Posts from 2012, click here.
  • If you want to review 2013, click here.

Rats in a Box (RiB) 

On Tuesdays, Rats in a Box is a weekly segment about pet rats, usually my pet rats, of which there are now seventeen.  Chances are, these will include photographs, anecdotes, videos or occasionally tidbits of rat-related information.

Special Feature of the Week (SFW)

On Wednesdays there will be a review of a book, comic, movie, game or TV show which has caught my interest.

Craft of the Week (CoW)

CoW posts Thursdays, including a tutorial, update, or video of whatever craft project I am currently working on.

If You Like ART

If You Like ART posts on Fridays, and will feature an artist or something art-related which I would like to share with you.  These posts are very much like the usual Monday posts, with a focus on art specifically. If you want to suggest something for me to feature in one of these posts, please drop me a comment.

A note about weekends: 

I’m sure you’ve noticed that all the segments listed above are scheduled during the work week. I’m still thinking about introducing weekend segments in a few months once I’ve gotten better at keeping to my schedule.  I’ll keep you posted on the details.


The following segments are no longer being continued, but you can find more information about them on  their own page: Retired Segments.

The Oddness:  (Retired Segment)

Written by Hako2112, the Oddness segments came out on Mondays, and focused on the strangeness of the world around us, usually featuring pieces of news or articles of interest from the world of politics, as well as environmental and social issues.  These were largely opinion pieces, including a photograph sourced from elsewhere on the net, and listing sources used at the end.

If You Don’t Like: (Retired Segment)

Written by Hako2112, If You Don’t Like posted on Wednesdays, and were basically “If You Like” posts written by Hans instead of Beth; so while the format was much the same, the content was vastly different.

On My Mind: (Retired Segment)

Written by Betheratgirl, On My Mind segments came out on Fridays, and featured casual informational posts usually about something related to one or both of the If You Like posts of the week.  There was usually a photograph, and there were always links to the sources used to acquire the necessary information.


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