Nesting Consciousness

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My BJD Blog posts on Mondays, and at some point during the day, posts get re-blogged here on Just A Thought.

Nesting Consciousness is the title of my work-in-progress story which features characters that I have ‘shelled’ as BJDs.

In brief, the story is about high school students Nadja Mercier, Laura Alfero, their family and friends, however, also included are the stories and creative works made by them in several other distinct fictional worlds.  One of these worlds is science-fiction based, involving a girl who is a spaceship and her best friend who write letters to one another pretending they are the old fictional characters Holmes and Watson.  Another world is more fantasy in nature, about two Elf sisters, one who is the heir to the kingdom and the other who is her bodyguard.  A third world involves four spirits and a fairy.

Laura is our protagonist, and Nadja our narrator.  Follow them as they navigate their tricky family situation and their own complicated feelings for one another, and come along with me on this adventure as I discover their stories.

This is the direct link, in case you want to follow that blog directly, and get the posts first thing in the morning when they first show up:


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