Ball-Jointed Dolls

This is a hobby in which I am still learning.

I spent eight to ten years looking and learning about Ball-Jointed Dolls before I was able to afford one.  They are made from high-quality resin, can be customized in almost every imaginable way, and come in many sizes, shapes, styles, and ages.  I have ten dolls, seven of which are about a foot and a half tall, one is just slightly smaller, and the last two are about three inches in height.  One has medium-dark skin, one has blue-grey skin, one has pale lilac skin, four others have pale but realistic skin, and the last two are almost paper white.  Two of them come from a company called Iplehouse, which specializes in realistic sculpts, three from a company called Soom, two are from a company called Fairyland, one is from a small company called Magic Mirror, and two are from Peaks Wood.  One of them I bought ‘pre-owned’ from the Den of Angels marketplace, but all the others I bought new directly from the companies which made them.

If you are interested to know more about my BJDs, I have started a separate blog to tell their story here:


Name: Claire Marie Mercier
Age: 14
Eyes: Leekeworld (K. Round Designer Eyes, Dark Blue)
Wig: Leekeworld (LR-008, Size D, Royal Carrot)
Faceup: Iplehouse Faceup C
Sculpt: Iplehouse Tania
Family: Half sister Nadja (15), full siblings Noelle (13), Simon (11), Celeste (10), Louis & Pierre (5), cousin Chloe (10)
Likes: Pretty clothes, fashion, expensive things, chocolate strawberries
Dislikes: having to wait, the school rules, anything that prevents her from doing whatever she feels like
Lineage: Her family is from France, and they are quite wealthy

Name: Toa (in Japanese: 冬愛, means ‘winter love’)
Age: unknown
Eyes: Peak’s Woods 8mm G8LDS-02
Wig: Peak’s Woods Cupid Curl in Peach
Faceup: Peak’s Woods
Sculpt: Peak’s Wood Monthly Fairy ShuShu (with snow head cap part)

Name: Cuiva
Age: variable
Eyes: unknown (bought loose at Anime North 2013)
Wig: unknown (bought loose at Anime North 2013)
Faceup: Soom, default
Sculpt: face: Sueve body: The Gem, Adamelli (with hooves)

Name: Anne
Age: Variable
Eyes: default green glass from Soom
Wig: Leekeworld, Real Carrot colour or Leekeworld DarkCarrot
Faceup: default, from Soom
Sculpt: face: Adamelli body: The Gem, Sueve (with wings)

Name: Odille
Age: nearly adult
Eyes: default brown acrylic from Fairyland
Wig: Leekeworld, Whisper Blue and Black colour
Faceup: default, from Fairyland
Sculpt: Karsh Girl, small bust, normal skin

Name: Laura Alfero
Age: 16 (birthday 7/24)
Eyes: blue/grey/green (Leekeworld glass)
Wig: auburn red (Leekeworld, DarkCarrot, DR-134)
Faceup: default, Iplehouse A Type
Sculpt: Iplehouse JID Leona

Name: Roksana Madrid
Age: variable (birthday 1/16)
Eyes: teal (unknown, glass?)
Wig: none or Leekeworld Elegance Look
Faceup: Soom, default
Sculpt: Roxen, grey skin with red fantasy parts

Name: Celeste
Age: teen
Eyes: (none yet)
Wig: Leekeworld EveCream and Whisper Blue DR-148
Faceup: none yet!
Sculpt: Fairyland Minifee Juri 2013

Name: Rosa
Age: n/a
Eyes: Deep Blue Enchanted Doll eyes, size 10mm (she really needs smaller ones)
Wig: Default Magic Mirror mohair
Faceup: Default Magic Mirror
Sculpt: Magic Mirror Siobhan in Pure Lilac skin


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