Pet Rats & Seven’s Eleven

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On October 11th, 2012, one of our new ratgirls gave birth to eleven little babies.  We bought Seven, as well as six other girl rats from a nearby pet store- they were probably about four, five, or six weeks old at that time.  Seven was already pregnant when we got her, and at least one of the other two rats which we didn’t buy from the petstore must have been male.  We were lucky in a way, because only Seven was pregnant, of the seven girls which could have been.  We could easily have wound up with up to 144 babies.

This is the first time something like this has happened to me – I have had eight rats total over the years (up until a few weeks ago), and Hans & I decided that we were tired of trying to introduce new rats to ratgirls who were established after one or more of the older group died.  Often these introductions didn’t go well, or in one case, the older rat just decided suddenly that she hated all other rats entirely.  We decided that the solution was to get a larger group at one time, and then just wait until the entire group goes to get more.  We were not expecting to have a pregnant rat, or to wind up with 20 altogether.  However, since this is the situation we find ourselves in, we will consider how many of the babies we will be able to keep as they get older.  We know of a shelter in the area (from which we have gotten ratgirls in the past), and the boys will probably go there unless someone we know is interested in keeping some of them.  We will definitely not keep any boys.  We will keep some (and maybe all) of the girls, depending on how many there are.

In the interim, I intend to take photographs of the little eepers every chance I get, so I (and you) can see what the development of little baby rats looks like.  They’re really only getting cuter every day.

EDIT ON OCTOBER 24TH:  There are six girls and five boys- for sure we’re keeping two of the girls, and we might keep a few more depending on how things turn out.  If you know someone in the GTA who is looking for wonderful baby pet rats (males especially), please put them in touch with us- they can leave a comment on any of the posts on this site, and I will correspond with them.  I will not allow the babies to go for snake food or to someone who intends to breed- if nothing else, it would be a waste of all the effort we’re putting in to train the babies to be perfect pets.

EDIT NOVEMBER 20TH, 2013: We have not found anyone interested in taking the babies, and by now we have grown quite attached to them.  We will be keeping all of them at this point, so right now we have 18 rats.  The boys are: Bagheera, Mowgli, Baloo, Shere Khan and Ka.  The girls of the older generation are: Seven, Nine, Luxana, Sona, Whiskey, George and Eilir; the younger generation of girls are: Eleven, Nimh, Chandra, Shyvanna, Astrid, and EDI.

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11 thoughts on “Pet Rats & Seven’s Eleven”

  1. I used to have a pet rat and she was a very special member of the family. Now I have cats (found them or they found us) and we can’t have rats any longer. Mine used to be more attached to me than my dogs were!

      1. I can understand that as I spend a lot of time on my cats. I posted an obituary for my rat (although it’s been years since she passed away) on Cowbird a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Rats are such an interesting pet! If GTA means Greater Toronto Area like I think it does, well then I am very very surprised because I have been told all my life that Canada doesn’t have rats! Or maybe… maybe that’s just Alberta, because I have never seen a rat in real life. They are surprisingly cute though!

    1. I’ve always enjoyed having them! You’re right, though, Alberta does have laws against having pet rats. Thankfully, that’s the only area of Canada with that law. There are a few states in the US that have anti-rat laws (California comes to mind), though.

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