Camp NaNoWriMo, Again, Apparently

So, I’m doing it again, apparently.

My word count goal is much lower this time, however, because July is a very busy month for me this year.  This is the first year I’m doing both summer NaNos, too, so I thought I’d go easy on myself.  For now, my goal is 15,500, so about 500 words per day, which is pretty reasonable.

I started on July 3rd, though, so I’m a little bit behind, but not by too much.

I am also writing by hand for the first time, which should be interesting.  So far I’m having pretty good success getting something onto the nice crisp white pages, and I hope it continues this way.  I dread the hand cramps that are in my future, though.

You can find my project here:



If You Like: Writing Prompts

If you like writing prompts, or even just prompts in general, then I recommend a website called “I Need a Prompt”.

This is what a typical prompt looks like:

I Need a Prompt


I Need a Prompt:

Camp Update:

So, here’s a random Thursday word count update: I’m at 4,316 words out of a total of a total goal of 35,000 for the month. If I were on track to finish on time, I would be at 11,290 words today, which I am not. However, I have written 4,316 words more than I had written in June, so I’m going to keep pushing and see how far I can get!

Have a brief excerpt:

“Needless to say, our little group had gotten off lightly. Twenty other people around the world had reactions like the one I had- of those twenty fifteen died. It was a sober reminder of the differences between us and them. The problem was quickly fixed, but the political damage had been done. Suddenly there was a whole new field within the legal system, and several countries took the aliens as a whole to court. The testing of the devices was put on hold while the whole world tried to figure out what to do.”

CoW: Update on Prompt Jar Project

I finished rolling and folding all the prompts, and got the jar. The jar is from Target and cost about $20.00- believe it or not, I found it listed as a candleholder. I ran out of the first type of cardstock and switched to brightly coloured Recollections cardstock which I got from Michael’s for the 10-word prompts. Because of the shape of the words, I decided that rolling them wasn’t going to work nicely, so I folded them instead.

I’m looking forward to using this to help combat writer’s block for years to come!

January Cure Assignments # 12 – 19

  • Flowers, Bedroom & Wardrobe: I sorted about half of my own clothing, and got rid of those things I knew I wouldn’t be wearing again soon.  I reorganized my drawers as well, and have got a nice little system of folded clothes now- and all I have to do is keep up with it.
  • Paperwork & Files: This is a backburner project right now, but I’m hoping February or March will offer the opportunity to deal with this particular nightmare.
  • Cord Clutter:  I haven’t had a chance to deal with this particular bugaboo, but at the moment we don’t have too much trouble with cords- my computer cords are even conveniently hidden in between my two desks!
  • Bathroom Cabinet Clearout: This project I jumped the gun on, and had already finished by the time I realized there was a day dedicated to it, so I spent the time dealing more with the kitchen disaster.
  • Declutter Media: We’re still unpacking, so our media is all over the place, but at least it’s all in one room now.
  • Flowers, Outbox, Living Room & Lighting:  We’ve gotten rid of that old TV and a damaged rice cooker as well as a ton of recycling boxes from our move.  We’ve also hung bookshelves on one side of our living room, and the rest are being delivered tomorrow- they won’t be hung in time for our weekend get-together, but it’s a step in the right direction.  Our lighting situation is on hold until after everything else gets done, but I have a pretty good idea of the direction we’re going.
  • Catch Up!!  I spent this day getting more of the kitchen done- and as of tonight, we’re almost done!!
  • Hang that artwork! I just picked up Bomarzo tonight, but sadly we have to wait for our bathroom renovation to be finished before he can be hung.  I’m really looking forward to it!

There are both before and after photos in the gallery above- can you tell which are which?

January Cure Assignments 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11

Yikes, I’m behind in my reporting!

Okay, so Assignment 6 was to prepare artwork for framing. I knew already which piece I wanted to frame. It’s this one:
I took it to Michael’s yesterday and while I was there I picked up some other frames for smaller pieces- most of those are postcards, which I collect, but one is a larger poster print which will hang in my bathroom with Bomarzo. Sadly, Bomarzo will be done one day after we’re supposed to be hanging the picture, but the lady assured me that he might be done early since the frame is really simple and there will be no matting.

Assignment 7 was flowers, kitchen cleaning and making a home-cooked meal. I managed most of it, though the kitchen is still far from being done, and no cooked meal came out of the weekend’s work. The kitchen is much better than it was before (still only part-way unpacked) but I feel a real sense of accomplishment. There were a few weeks where I really didn’t even want to step foot in the kitchen it was that bad. I’ll give you some after photos, and show you the flowering plants I got as well to make up for how un-lovely the kitchen is!

Assignment 8 was to organize a get-together, which I had actually already planned, by coincidence. Hans & I host our friends one weekend out of every month for a Weekend Thingie at which we mostly play board games, sometimes D&D, and occasionally some video games. Now and then we’ll have drinks as well, but most of our friends (us included) aren’t really big drinkers, and one is even allergic to alcohol. I should put some more details into the Facebook event, though, now that I think about it…

Assignment 9 is all about creating a place to filter out the things you don’t want to bring into your home, to get rid of mail and sort shopping. I do have something like that, but I also have plans to add coat hooks and some other useful things to the area- I’m hoping to get that done this weekend when we go to Ikea. I’ll show you what it looks like now, and then once it’s ready I’ll post an after picture.

I actually did Assignment 10 this morning. I put away my iPad and my phone and spent the morning drinking tea, eating yoghurt, and reading a good book- it was so satisfying to just take the time for myself. I hadn’t realized how much time I was spending chasing people through the internet and texting, or how much I was just killing time on app games!

Assignment 11 for today is to continue the project chosen earlier, for Assignment 5, but since I’ve actually finished that project, I thought I’d spend some more time on the kitchen, which I have been working on steadily for the past few weeks. I’ll give you a photo tomorrow so you can see the progress I make today!

Just keep swimming!

January Cure: Assignment # 4 & 5

Good morning, fair readers!

Hans and I had a busy night last night rearranging my solarium and clearing out the recycling and garbage from the apartment in general. There is still more, of course, but heavy inroads were made. :-)

I thought I’d provide a little update on the progress on my project checklist, and tell you about our new ‘outbox.’ The outbox is a January Cure idea, and a pretty good one, too. The idea is that you take all the things you aren’t really sure if you want to keep and put them in one place for a week, and at the end of the week you decide if it stays or goes. I set ours up with my old 13″ deep box TV set and called it a day. I’ll tell you a secret- it’s probably heading out the door in a week. :-)

And here’s the shorter checklist:

Zone 1:

Front Door

  • change locks
  • fix door handle

Storage Room

  • empty recycling (done)

Linen Closet

  • get cubbies

Front Hall Closet

  • devise system of hanging up, organizing for coats and shoes


  • build bench for front hall (done)
  • get rid of excess recycling (partially done)
  • get big blue bins out of entrance (done)
  • get the bookshelf out of the entrance
  • change 2 light fixtures

Laundry Room

  • move machines over to one side
  • get laundry storage unit (Ikea, probably)
  • new light fixture & bulb

Zone 2:

Living Room

  • put up bookshelves
  • unbox books
  • get rid of purple shelving unit
  • get lounge / loveseat
  • get light sources

Dining room

  • get shelving for art supplies
  • get remaining chairs, 4
  • replace chandelier, or alter to suit & get new light bulbs
  • get blinds


  • replace light fixture / fan
  • move a shelf into the internet nook
  • make layout plan for kitchen renovation project
  • reupholster the scary yellow chair
  • find new home for the grocery shopping cart (done)
  • set up coffee machine
  • get stepstool, because I am ridiculously short and am sick of pulling one of our dining room chairs into the kitchen
  • clean out fridge (done)

Zone 3:


  • set up the loft bed (done)
  • fix layout problems (done)
  • tidy up mess (done)
  • get hooks for fairy lights
  • get hooks for prisms
  • install light strips & get the second one
  • blinds!!!!!

Pet Room

  • bring in second cage (done)
  • get all the things which do not belong out of the room
  • get a new light
  • get rid of old plastic drawers (done)


  • put trolleys in the storage room
  • pick up garbage & recycling
  • put red metal chairs outside

Hans’ Lair

  • get blinds
  • move all his lamps into the room
  • get lightbulbs for the lamps

Zone 4:


  • unplug drain from previous owners
  • clean toilet
  • replace plunger
  • clean radiator
  • clean rest of the mirror

Master Bedroom

  • deal with all the clothes which were all over the floor (done)
  • get two standing lamps (Target, probably, to double as nightstands)
  • install the mirror back onto the dresser
  • fix wobbly vanity (done)
  • clean other dresser
  • get blinds

Master Bathroom

  • order the vanity & mirror!!

Still with me?  Okay, so today’s project is to pick one of those things that hasn’t been done and do it.  I’ll let you know how it goes!  :-)